Wisdom from Ed Tech Startups: Insights from our Twitter Friends


Coming into Startup Weekend EDU might have you asking a few questions, such as: “What are the needs in Education that Startups should focus on?” or  “What makes a successful Ed Tech Startup?”.

Have no fear! Our Twitter followers have tips and advice for you!

If you are unsure about the changes afoot in Education, one of the big movements is to engage learners in their education. As @micah writes, “create curiosity”. Similarly, @Project_Empower encourages Education to help students discover their potential through fun and interaction.

Anthony Wu, who c0-founded LearnSprout, shares three key points to being successful at creating a minimally viable product in Startup Weekend:

  1. know your tools before the weekend
  2. focus and be realistic about scope
  3. drop perfectionist tendencies in coding

@RamiEssaid similarly had great points: “Come to startup weekend with an open mind. Expect to hear conflicting advise. Make connections”. @DoraSmith suggests that SW EDU participants leverage not only the mentors/coaches during the weekend, but beyond: “keep them on ongoing advisory board so it lasts beyond 54 hrs”.

And for those teams that choose to form companies after the weekend, @ChicCEO offers a free business plan template: ow.ly/ctxaF. However, it’s the rally cry we love most from @ChicCEO:

“THINK BIG! Startup Weekend is great because you can think as big as you want to. Go get ’em!!”

Rock it out, StartupWeekend-ers! We look forward to your very best this weekend!